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Problem Sexual Behavior - Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

While sexual exploration and play are a natural part of childhood sexual development, some children’s sexual behavior indicates more than harmless curiosity. In cases where sexual behaviors pose a risk to the safety or well-being of the child and other children, it is imperative for families and communities to step in and intervene through proper identification, support, and treatment.


The PSB-CBT model is a family-oriented, cognitive-behavioral treatment group model designed to eliminate problematic sexual behaviors and improve prosocial behavior and adjustment in children, while reducing stress and enhancing skills in parents and other caregivers. The PSB-CBT treatment model is nationally recognized and empirically-supported intervention. This training opportunity will focus on the school-age group. The School-Aged Model (ages 7-12 years) is conducted in 18 weekly, 90-minute sessions with concurrent caregiver group and monthly combined sessions.

Children with problematic sexual behavior have made poor choices but with support from family and community, they are capable of making better choices….


This opportunity can target communities with strong Child Advocacy Center leadership and investment to be trained in the School-Age Group Curriculum (ages 7-12 years). Priority for this unique training opportunity will be given to programs who are able to start serving youth as quickly as possible after the clinical training. This is most likely to occur when agencies already have: (1) existing referrals of youth with problematic sexual behavior (or referral sources); and (2) collaborative relationships with community agencies (e.g., child protective services, child advocacy centers, law enforcement, and juvenile justice).


No PSB-CBT training is scheduled at this time. 

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